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Season 10 (I think?) New Who

So since I haven't gotten around to writing more about the rewatch, I thought I'd post about the new stuff.

We pretty much gave up on Eleven after the Pandorica. We were pretty hit n miss on eps before that since we haven't had live TV for years and my mom resents DW and the use of her DVR for it.

We did manage to watch part of Twelve's first ep but nothing since. But then Junior caught Smile when were over at my mom's on a Saturday. I missed the first 20 minutes. We saw The Pilot on BBCA's site as a promo freebie. And then Junior sweet-talked his grandma into a little DVR space.

So I was dubious about Twelve. I sorta afraid he was another Three. (Three will always be number 12 on my list of top 12 Doctors. ;) BTW my current ranking is Five, Ten, Eight, Nine, Four, Seven, Twelve, Two, Six, One, Eleven, Three) But I'm good. I'm sold.

The eps - Spoilers ahoy

The Pilot- Getting a little tired of zombie-type stuff (mostly because after watching the original Walking Dead with my dad as a child, I'd reached my quota for zombie stuff for all time. So the latest zombie craze kinda makes me want to punch something.) But at least this wasn't all that zombie-like. I really liked Bill and how she's not overly wowed by Twelve. I found it interesting that they revisited the Time Lord hiding out in a university idea from Shada. The Vault is some new weirdness. I've seen clips from The Husbands of River Song, but that gives me clue who Nardole is, so we are having to just shrug and go with it.

Smile - I missed the beginning but it was an okay ep. Pretty typical stuff. Seemed more like one of the shorts you'd get in the annual storybooks than a full ep though.

Thin Ice- My first thought on seeing the monster was whether this was the levitation thing from that ep of Torchwood. Would give an explanation for how it ended up on Earth. Finally started to get a feeling to Twelve's personality. The grumpiness is growing on me and starting to feel endearing. Not a bad ep.

Knock Knock- Not as scary as the previews made it seem. A couple of reviews I read said much the same, but I'd hoped they were wrong. Oh well. I'm fine with the "everybody lives" stuff in this ep - well except for the "villains". Sometime the body count gets to be a bit much. Finding myself liking Bill for trying to compartmentalize her life and not letting her time traveling take over everything. New Who tends to overdo the angst factor, IMO. Missed most of the vault stuff in this one. The DVR always cuts off the end.

Oxygen- Zombies but not zombies. Okay, I guess I can let this pass. I did like the not at all subtle slams on capitalism. The Doctor's blindness is interesting, but this season's plot arc seems uncharacteristically subtle for the Moff. I'm happy most of the eps are being done by other writers. This one did have some good scares I have to admit.

Extremis - I'm on the fence about whether I like it or not. All the suicides seem a bit OTT for the matrix thing. Did the book mention the alien invasion? I wasn't quite clear on that. I suppose that would explain the suicides though. The bit where the monk was speaking Italian bothered me, because the TARDIS should have been translating. It didn't occur to until someone else brought it up that that was a clue. Clever. And the Master is in the vault. The MOff's not even trying anymore. The was my very first guess. Ten always wanted to keep him, remember? The ep had a good ending I thought.

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