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Okay you guys I just put my name down for this closed beta. Maybe it's the next big thing. Who knows. Maybe we can finally drop Tumblr like a bad habit?


Please join me at Dreamwidth. It's so much better. This entry was originally posted at https://glory-jean.dreamwidth.org/205233.html

Doctor Who Rewatch - Pyramids of Mars

Four - Pyramids of Mars

Didn't remember this one. Okay, this ep had a lot of Back-n-forthing. But it was pretty darn good.

The Live blog. (It's not much, I was too busy watching to commentate.)

Part 1) Four proves he can be melancholy and angst with the best of them. Sarah is adorable in trying to cheer him up.

Part 2) Word to wise - stay away from Time Tunnels

Four showing Sarah what happens to the future if they don't stop Sutek is clearly what inspired new who's direction.

Part 3) Four is very cranky in this story

Part 4) We see the famous respiratory bypass


Four unconscious x2
1) time tunnel trap
2) strangulation

Mind controlled

Companion Trauma -
1) kidnapped and knocked out

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Doctor Who Rewatch - Planet of Evil

Four - Planet of Evil

Didn't remember this one. Overall grade, so-so. But Doctor & Sarah are super cute.

The Live-Blog

Part 1

Sarah realizing first how they can escape - haha, nice.

Part 2:

The monster really makes Sarah sick- literally.

Wow - these guys are very bad shots

Sarah: It's so dark!
Four: Just hang on!
Sarah [hangs on to scarf until she pulls him up short like a leash and he has to stop]: What's the matter?
Four [mutters]: Nothing.

Does that Drone have the Eye of Sauron?

Four leaves scarf behind, who knew he wore an ascot thing underneath?

Four knows exactly what Sarah's going to say, adorable.

Part 3:

How does Sarah manage to barrel through the "forest" with platform shoes?

Word to the wise - playing with antimatter is bad for your health.

Sarah screams so Four resorts to punching out his guard to get to her. Awwww

Part 4

Sheesh - these guys really need to vet their ship captains better.


Four unconscious x3
1) Falls into anti-matter monster's pit
2) Passes out from antimatter
3) Zapped by gun

Nearly spaced

Companion Trauma:

1) Sarah feels sick when monster is around

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Doctor Who Rewatch - Terror of the Zygons

Wow - how behind did I get? I have a HUGE private post of notes and randomness (make that three- I'll explain later*) that I never got around to organizing and posting. I'm blaming RL. It has a lot to answer for.

Four - Terror of the Zygons -

I sorta remembered this from my childhood. It had some good moments, but story wise it was just okay.

Live bloggy-ness

Part 1:

LOL the clothes swapping. Four shows up in a beret, Sarah wearing his fedora and Harry wearing his scarf, all acting like "this is perfectly normal what are you talking about". Then they causally swap while talking to the Brigadier. Best part of story no need to go on.

Part 2:

Oooh mystical Timelordliness. Four puts Sarah and self(?) into a trance to survive oxygen deprivation

Part 3:

Aha - The Lock Ness Monster as name-dropped in School Reunion.

Part 4:

Four electrocutes himself. Alrighty then.

The Stats:

Four unconscious x1.5
1) trance
2) electrocuted

Nessy caller device sealed to his hand

Companion Trauma -
1) Sarah oxygen deprivation

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Drabble Fic: Dangerous Things

Title: Dangerous Things
Author: [personal profile] glory_jean
Character/Paring: The Doctor
Rating: All ages
Beta: none
Summary: Sometimes it's just hunger (Drabble)
Disclaimer: Based on characters owned and created by BBC. No infringement intended.
Notes: Written for Prompt 13 of this ancient prompt set and based on something Eight said in The Company of Friends; Benny's Story
Quote from White Fang by Jack London.

A little birthday drabble for [personal profile] jer . Sorry it's not the greatest.
Xpost to Ao3 (but not LJ because it no longer takes my password.)


Not all things dangerous were evil. Not even most. Often, they were just hungry. He couldn't blame them for that. This fact rarely comforted his erstwhile companions, so he refrained from later commenting on the contents of their dinner plates. (Even the vegetables were once happy, growing things rent from their beds in their prime). "Life lived on life," as someone once said. Today he was fortuitously alone as he let himself admire the lethal grace of the large predator hunting just below his hiding place. Fortunately, sense of smell was not its strong point. Nothing left but the waiting.

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Rewatch - Revenge of the Cybermen

Four - Revenge of the Cybermen

I don't recall seeing this as a kid. It is not my favorite. The plot is baffling. I have to say, Two's cyberman were way better. The cyberman in Tomb of the Cyberman are just scarier. There was something about these guys that just didn't fly.


Four unconscious x2
1) Zapped by cyberman
2) Harry causes cave-in(because of course he does) and Four is knocked out by rockfall

Companion Trauma -
1) Sarah poisoned by cybermat

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Rewatch - Genesis of Daleks

Four - Genesis of the Daleks

I am very familiar with this one, I have on it DVD. Even though it's considered a pivotal Dalek episode, aside from the "big scenes" - the ones everyone talks about - it's never been a particular favorite of mine. I do consider it a must see, from a fandom point of view, but if I'm picking an ep to just watch, it's low on my list.

My main complaint (ambivalence?) about Classic Who is what I call the "back-n-forthing". IE: "Oh lets go over there and check things out. Oh lets go back to where we were. Wait we need to go back and check out that place once again. Oh darn we got captured, lets escape. Yay we escaped now lets go back to the place we escaped from." I know it's the serialized storytelling at work, but sometimes it gets tedious, especially if there's not interesting character stuff going on.

This ep has a lot of back-n-forthing.


Four unconscious x2
1) Electrocution
2) hit by Nyder
3) Gassed and sickened but not knocked out

Companion Trauma -
1) Gassed and unconscious and left behind - Sarah
2 Gassed and sick - Harry
3) knocked out, slave labor, exposed to radiation - Sarah
3) Harry is Harry and hurts his ankle

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Rewatch The Sontaran Experiment

Four - The Sontaran Experiment -

Or, Harry is so useless part 2.

I don't recall seeing this one. Not bad but not my favorite. The Sontarans are not high on my bad guy list.

The Sontaran Experiment- 1

a)Harry forgets to not fall down a cliff
b) Doctor zapped by stun gun
c) Doctor falls down cliff trying to see where Harry fell down a cliff & gets
knocked out
d) Sarah captured and hit with terror ray (whatever that is)

The Sontaran Experiment -2
a)Doctor Zapped by Sontaran stun gun, and Tom Baker breaks his collar bone in real life while doing the prat fall.



Four Unconscious x3
1) Stun gun x2
2) falling down cliff

Companion Trauma -
1) Harry is Harry vs a cliff
2) Sarah terrorized by Sontaran

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DW rewatch The Ark in Space

Fourth Doctor

The Ark in Space

I remembered watching this in a vague sort of way. I ended up sorta live blogging this one. Uh, sorry.

Ark in space part 1

Harry is useless.

Sarah needs to makes sure doors stay open.

And the Doctor does too.

Four needs to pay attention to transmats too.

Ark in space - 2

That looks like a nasty headache from that stun gun. I wish they'd add details like that more often.

I blame the 70s for the enduring image that aliens/future humans wear a lot white jumpsuit type things. The 60s started it, but the 70s really ran with it.

Ark in space - 3

I hate it when my hand turns into green bubble wrap and develops a mind of its own.

Sarah- "He talks to himself sometimes because he's the only one who understands what he's talking about."

I guess at this point Harry is just like, screw it, who needs shoes anyway.

That is a very aggressive caterpillar.

Ark in Space -4

I sorta love that Liz Sladen got stuck in those tubes in real life.

Harry -yay, shoes!

They really embraced the serial concept in this series.


I decided to add companion trauma to the stats while I'm at it.

Stats -
Four unconscious x2
1) stun gun
2) sucker punched (Four plans to sacrifice self - knocked out by tech who takes his place)

Companion trauma
1) Oxygen deprivation - Harry & Sarah
2) Frozen in Cryo - Sarah

ETA: apparently my crossposts are failing because LJ is once again bouncing my password. This is why LJ sucks. Whatever.

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Doctor who classic rewatch

Okay, begin as you mean to go on I guess. (And Happy New year)

I've been making notes of my rewatch but I have failed to post so far. (And if you see any wacky typos, it's because I'm posting from my tablet and the autocorrect has it in for me.)

Starting with the Fourth Doctor, because why not.

Robot- the regeneration ep.

I did not remember this one. And Yay! loved it. Four was completely bonkers the entire way through.

One thing I noticed was Four gets knocked out a lot. So I started keeping stats for each ep.

1) post regeneration sleep
2) goes to sleep on his unit lab table
3) knocked out by the robot

Having never really watched that many Sarah Jane eps, I was paying close attention to their relationship. It's funny how Sarah acts like she's not really traveling with him.

S: "I need to get to London"
Four: "I'll take you to London"
{they don't end up in London.}
Sarah: whatevs.

S: "I'm going home by taxi."
Four: "I'll take you home."
{They don't end up at her place. }
Sarah: shrug.

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