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100 Doctor/Rose Songs Update

So we are currently at 60 Songs on the D/R playlist. A WIP compilation is now unlocked here on Dreamwidth and here on LJ. (I will probably make a tumblr for this too, because I clearly lack perspective.)

If you see any mistakes, please drop me a note or comment and I will fix it. Songs are listed alpha by song title. I was planning to also do alpha by artist, (and it would been clear I could have just said "every single Snow Patrol song") and a list by genre - musically and fic type - but my experience with coding one post has shown me that is not my best interest. But if any fairy godmothers out there want to do one for me, I would be happy to post it and award them the internet.

If you have a song that desperately needs to be added, please by all means, note it here or on the original LJ post

ETA: A couple rules for these recs: I have put one song in [] because it is a Murray Gold songtrack song. I didn't want to exclude any recs but I'd rather not include songs from DW, because obviously they are related to DW. I also want to disallow trock at this time. I might be moved to make a list of them in the future despite the very nice list located here but that is a project for another time.

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Jun. 16th, 2013 04:53 pm (UTC)
Elvis Costello's cover of Gram Parson's "How Much I Lied" from "Almost Blue" has always seemed like a very Nine song to me.

This is the closest I can get to a link to it: https://myspace.com/elviscostello/music/song/how-much-i-lied-100290-109400

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