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Big Finish - Sherzo

Okay -so I've listened to the first two Eight and Charley seasons in pretty random order. I heard Neverland and Zagreus on the library site and that cliffhanger has been killing me ever since. I bought the last two unheard season 2 audios - Time of the Daleks and Embrace the Darkness, plus Sherzo - and told myself I was going to listen to them before moving on to season 3.

Well, how do you think that worked out? ;)

So I stayed up until stupid o' clock last night listening to Sherzo. (I d/l in MP3 format and I was going to just *one* track. umm.) And *dies* It was terrible and wonderful and dark and lovely and unsettling .....ugh. It wasn't as bleak as I'd feared though. The quotes and edited together clips on Tumblr and YT made me fear the worst. Instead it was much more hopeful than I expected. Eight has been half-insane since the end of Neverland and this finally sees him starting to struggle his way back to finding himself. And... I think I need to listen to it again.


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